Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest

Breathing Green

Over the past weeks, was contemplating what would seem an interesting experience to share about. Then came about this topic about Breathing Green.

Breathing Green also refers to Green Spaces which we Breathe. As humans, we breathe in oxygen and carbon dioxide and breathe out carbon dioxide. While the plans absorb Carbon Dioxide and convert into Oxygen in the exchange of air which we breathe in the daytime while in the night time they too will breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. While this is elementary school science we are talking about, looking deeper than what is on the surface it is about the ecology of nature.

In this aspect, I wish to work on the topic of green spaces. In the Earth that we live on, there is an abundance of greeneries prior to much of the prevent developments and modernisations. With the advance of technology and vast expansion of agriculture and population growth, a number of green spaces are depleting at an alarming rate.  With such growth rates, comes at the expense of endangered plants and animals. Of course, we do hope for the best and not the worse. That is someday, mankind will balance its act of nature – looking at sustainable expansion and balance on Earth.

Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest – Gardens by the Bay

Looking beyond, the current growth cycle is to look into environmental protection and green buildings. With the rise of many high rise buildings, we are beginning to live in concrete jungles and see much more depleting glaciers and polar ice caps. With that, comes the every changing and hotter or colder weather patterns. Even the clouds are telltale signs of erratic weather patterns.

Floating Platform and Marina Bay
View from Helix Bridge – Marina Bay, Singapore

The winds of change begin with every one of us. By learning how to conserve what we have and plants more trees, we help not only to green spaces, but also add more oxygen and reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. At the same time, the plants to help us to recycle out the negative energies around us. Especially from the stresses, we face on day to day basis. It is essentially important to begin by taking weekly walks in the parks or spaces that give out lots of greens and enables high oxygen exchange.

Gardens by the Bay

One place to consider is the Gardens by the Bay or the Singapore Botanic Gardens. While both are free public places in Singapore, the Cloud Forest and the Flower Domes are paid entry access. The plants in the domes give off very refreshing vibes as the air is naturally circulated in a temperature controlled environment away from the tropical heat outdoors. They have Friends of the Gardens Annual Passes which you can sign up for – with occasional promotions at up to 50% off annual rate.

Singapore Flyer

There is also a mini rainforest zone under the Singapore Flyer – though small, but it lets you immerse within the small area of rainforest trees with benches to sit and soak in the fresh green air.

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

Note: This post is written to share the various Green spaces worth visiting in Singapore. It has not been endorsed by any authorities.


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