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Going 31 – New Chapter

Time flies by us very quickly – just like sowing seeds to grow plants. When we were younger, we had the wish to grow up faster. But when we have become older, we wish that time could come to a stand still for us to gracefully age down. But we know that every day that passes by, we continue to grow old gracefully. Without a stop button, the moment the time stops for us is the time we will depart this world. Be it as a soul to the next realm or gone for every like thin dust. It reminds me of the movie I watched last year – Alice Through the Looking Glass. Which speaks of a dying Mad Hatter who misses his family and the adventures into the clock tower to try to solve the mysteries. Of course, the ending of the movie was no doubt a pleasant one since Mad Hatter gets to reunite with his family – and seeking forgiveness.

Meanwhile, back on to where I was. As I type this entry, I am perhaps in mid-air flight towards my birthday trip. That is where the next adventure beings with new experiences and new stories to share in the coming weeks.

Reflecting back the past 31 years is never an easy feat. First on entering 30 years of age was the changes surrounding life. From a carefree happy go lucky 21 – 30, the body clock takes a turn when you reach the prime years of age. I see 30 as a mid point in life where the career begins to take off. Among other aspects of our lives, being a 31 year old is unlike a 3-year-old. The stark comparison is at 3 years old, we begin to speak, but at 31 our body clock begins to slow down, growth slows to almost a snail and we begin to face more upbeat life challenges. What challenges awaits us? Perhaps, it is time to think about starting a family, finding a life partner, thinking about a future career path or even constantly learning new things or finding new opportunities.

These are some of the many challenges that open up. And for some, it is a mid-life reality check. 31 can make or break a person – physically, socially, financially, spiritually as well as mentally. Let us look into each one in greater detail, while these are really my personal point of views, feel free to comment about what you feel or how you see age 31.


The biological clock begins to tick the moment we are born. Now, that does not just happen to females in case you wonder. For males as well, we go through the growth spur the moment we are evolved from embryo and sperm. Through the years of development and peaks somewhere in the 20s, then goes into decline from the 30s.

Holiday Villa - Johor Bahru City Centre


With the rise of social media, it is changing the way we interact with people around us. Most of the time, we interact with our phones more than with anyone else. And some of the socially inept etiquettes is showing up when for example when we meet with our friends, we may sometimes be on the phone than face to face conversations even when people around out and around us. Most often than not, we might be busy on our phones most of our waking times than anywhere else. And to make matters worse, if we are out on a date, we might be busy on Facebook than looking elsewhere. So here comes the next question we face at age 31. What do we want to do to achieve our life goals if all we do is just look at our phones or Facebook with little interaction with people around us? Will we end up being only interacting with Artificial Intelligence and minimal human contact in the future? Say for example in the Star Wars Movies, where the characters interact with droids like – BB-8 & R2-D2.

Star Wars - Royal Selangor


Finance is never an easy subject matter for discussion. For most of us, depends on what age we start to work. We are bound to have some form of savings or investments since young. That is if you start saving early, or if you have cultivated a habit of saving or investing or both. For the millennials, it should not be an issue to save or invest – or perhaps have already save up some money. If you at the age of 31 is still having money issues, it is time to relook into what has gone wrong. Or if you face credit card bills that are way past their due – check out the articIe I wrote about debt consolidation plans or perhaps read about this advice from Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps on finance matters. (it is in the American context, but I still find it pretty useful in Singapore or Globally)

At the prime age, we should have decently some fluid cash aside for rainy days when we might be out of a job given the current job market outlook. At the same time having put aside some money – I don’t go into percentages as it really depends on how much you earn each month and the expenses to deal with. Perhaps, to set aside minimum S$100 for investment, and some money for rainy days or perhaps accumulate coins from everyday spending and converting them into equities. A good sum to set aside will be minimum 6 months worth of salary perhaps over a time period of 3 years if you have not already done so.

Ascott Reit & UOB Annual Report 2016


In the Spiritual front, or what some will term it as New Age. It goes beyond just crystals, Oracle or Tarot cards. it is about the Mind Body Balance that we seek out from within our physical self as well as our mental self. Some would prefer to work with crystals, Oracle, Tarot cards or even through Meditations or I-Ching. There are many methods of divination skills set that one can partake on this journey. However, it is not for the faint-hearted or the unawakened ones. We cannot force awaken ourselves or people around us as it might pose a danger to them. However, as the earth evolves further with time, there will be more beings which will awaken and begin to seek clarity and awareness of their surroundings – being in sync or not in sync. Filling our hearts with loving peace can come in the form of simple kindness to people around us – just like in the article about Gratitude Awareness.

I will be sharing more into this perspective of my journey over the course of the next few years as I journey on this path. At the same time, looking into food for clues to better health and wellness. As our body is our human vessel to do greater good, we should take care to treat ourselves well with Love. Only by self-loving, will we be able to bring more love to people around us. At the same time, being positive repels negative people and purges them away from our lives. It is no science, but trust that like attract like. But unfortunately, negativity will always be there in this world. Just how do we turn a negative news into a positive one or reduce its impact to a bare minimum is an art in itself.

Beyond that, the mental aspect of spirituality is in the positive mindset. While being positive, we should also take care not to overwhelm people around us for they might think we are insane for being overly positive. Just being ourselves at best will bring about a lot more positive energy to the world around us. We are our world which manifests the places, people and things that surround us all.



Mental well-being is another aspect of our life which we should not forget to take note of. Being in a highly fast paced society, we should take time off work to go for walks in the gardens or perhaps engage in some sports. Doing some sports or walks in the helps us cleanse off all the negativity within our body. That forms one aspect of mental well brings. At age 31, the mid-life crisis can prove to be mind wrecking when you do a reality check of your achievements and what we have yet to achieve. Some of us call it the midway check or bucket list. Having a bucket list at the start of the 20s or 30s is a good idea as it paves way for us to achieve our goals in life. However, keep in check that if the goal is not achieved by midway to do a reality assessment before the end point so that you do not suffer mentally from being unable to achieve your life goals – whatever that may be.

I recall, during the Affordable Art Fair Spring Editon 2017, there was this booth set up by The Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund, which helps to create more awareness of the promotion, development and provision of mental health-related services in Singapore. Mental well-being has long been forgotten cornerstone in the quality of life aspect. However, it is slowly getting noticed with the advancement of technology and the increase in income and widening of income gaps. Which indirectly create that stress factor. What I feel is when we become aware of our mental stresses, it is never too late to seek help as it can be a long-term detrimental issue if we do not seek help early or the moment we become aware of it. The bottom line to mental well-being is also about Loving ourselves more.



There are the 4 aspects in which I feel are as importance when coming to the age of 31. It goes beyond just the material aspect of living a life. It is a holistic approach to the whole life journey and beyond. By spending some time to reflect on what life means at each turn of age, will allow us a better awareness of what to expect in the turn of each chapter.

What do you see your 31 as?

Feel free to comment below.

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