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Creating Income Stream

So I was on the train journey to work a couple of days ago. And for some reason, a simple thought came to me. If there was one way I could share about how to grow wealth over time, what would that be?

I recall many years ago, about this story comparing teaching a person how to fish vs feeding him/her fish. Now when we just feed a person fish every day, they may never master how to fish on their own. Whereas, if we give teach them the skills to fish, perhaps they will master how to fish and gain more and they may someday overtake us and be better in fishing. And with that life skill, contribute back to society.

With that thought in mind, I recall some years back when I was seeking constant stream of income to supplement what I had from my monthly salary. Back in those days, I was thinking very hard. What could I do better to generate more income streams? Be it monthly or on a daily basis.

Some of us would look at investing into properties, others perhaps buy into Bullion to hedge inflation or look into equities. There can be many kinds of investment opportunities out there to explore and tap into for growth and returns. However, there is no hard and fast rule to investing. We may get lucky with buying a share counter today and a few months later experience stock splits or due to some buyout gain some handsome profits. These are pure coincidences as no one gets lucky every day. I had those moments during the past 3 years of investing in equities.

So there was this chance where I came across some counters in the Australia, USA stock market that pays out monthly dividends. Will be listing a couple of them here, however, investing is a slow process as there will be price fluctuations and this is not a stock buy or sell recommendation. Just purely sharing own experiences.

Australia – ASX
BetaShares Harvester

iShares Bonds
Realty Income
Global X Funds
Student Transportation

Listed the above few which are my personal favourites to buy into. However, globally there is still many other monthly dividend paying shares to choose from. Just have to look around and search. And the dividend yield is base on the time of purchase divided by the total dividend for the 12 months. So it is likely to vary in value from time to time.


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