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ShopBack: A simpler way to save while online shopping!

With the Great Singapore Sale now in full swing, it is more than not a better time to take the shopping online. Was invited by ShopBack to review their online “shop and save” experience. So here comes some information about the company and how they can help enhance our shopping and travel experiences.

How ShopBack Works?

Which are the online stores available on ShopBack?

There are more than 500 merchant stores online which you can get some cash rebate from when you transact via ShopBack portal. I have listed a few websites below according to the various categories which I would usually blog about – Travel, Dining, Groceries, Leisure, Retail. There are also periodic promo codes and campaigns which allow for higher percentages of rebates to be awarded. Also, for hotel and flight bookings you will have to complete the stay/trip before you get your cash rebate credited.


Dining & Groceries


Apple MusicCathay Cineplex

Retail Therapy


Limited Time Offers Promo Codes

On top of savings from cash back, shoppers can enjoy even greater savings by looking for information on deals provided by ShopBack.

These deals range from increased cashback on dining offers from Fave by Groupon or Foodpanda vouchers for your deliveries. They even have a page for you to find great dining and food deals, making it much more convenient to spot the deals. And it doesn’t stop there, there are also pages dedicated to fashion, travel and much more.

What is my personal take?

The whole idea of shopping online and getting rebates through a web portal is not very new in the online shopping scene. A few years ago, I came across one from the USA. However, they require prospective users to sign up for their paid membership. While it works similarly yet with a difference and no caveats, I would go shopping Online with ShopBack since I get rebates in cash after my transaction is completed.

It is fuss free, and all you need to do is make sure you access the online retailer or online booking websites via ShopBack portal. If there are special promo codes, do remember to key them in for extra rebates too. You can find them here.

How to get started?

Simply create an account and start online shopping

You will receive $5 credit upon sign up. And another $5 upon making the first purchase.




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