Chef Bibimbap vs Chili Crab

Review – CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chili Crab @ ResortsWorld Theatre

Chef Bibimbap vs Chili Crab
Chef Bibimbap vs Chili Crab


“CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab” is a non-verbal performance using live beatboxing and b-boying to tell the story of Green and Red Chefs locked in a riotous competition – with generous servings of humour and fun! Singaporean celebrities Jayley and Hayley Woo will take turns to play the Cutie Chef, in a local adaption of a new brand of “Bibap” that is set to bowl you over.

Directed and produced by Choi Chul Ki, the name behind all-beatboxing, all-b-boying extravaganzas like “NANTA”, “Jump” and “Beat”, “CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab” will pack more choreography, music and madcap antics into the original “Bibap”, which premiered to rapturous reception in 2009.

So will it be Bibimbap or Chilli Crab? It’s time to take sides!

Source: Resorts World Sentosa

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This theatre musical is a very interesting hybrid of using hip-hop dance, rap, sounds, plastic food and real food combined with audience participations to create something where every show will bring out very unique experiences. And at each segments the audience get to participate in the food tasting and performance. Some of the segments also include mini commercials of F&B or attractions woven into the entire show. It’s a hit or miss musical to watch, if you are a food fan and would like some fresh experience playing with food, it is worth checking out as it is a very limited run of this original production.

Not to forget, if you are a fan of the Korean or local performers, the on-stage acting skills are great too with the hip hop and dance moves. There is also the autograph at the meet and greet session at the end of the show. If you like to try some of the Chili crab tarts, they are also available on sale during the weekends.


Show Period: June 10 to July 22, 2017, select nights (please refer to show calendar)
Time: 8 pm (2 pm show is available on select Saturdays and Sundays)
Venue: Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa


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