Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia El Peñol

Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia El Peñol

Tasted the Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia El Peñol on a recent visit to the Starbucks Reserve™ Store. This coffee was introduced to the Singapore stores back in April 2017.

The full-circle nature of healthy coffee relationships is beautifully illustrated in the story of Colombia El Peñol. As we’ve enjoyed this coffee year after year, we’ve built a strong bond with the El Peñol community, helping support a program that’s improving life in multiple ways. With the help of the local community, five recycling collection stations were built at schools for people to bring their glass, aluminium and paper which were often thrown on the streets.

Source: Starbucks Singapore


Coffee Profile

Region: Latin America
Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Elevation: 5,940-6,930 feet (1,800-2,100m)
Coffee Variety: Castillo, Caturra and Colombia
Processing Method: Washed

Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia El Peñol
Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia El Peñol


For this coffee, I have chosen the Chemex brewing method to taste the coffee. On the first sip of the brew, I could taste the blackcurrant note. When tasting the coffee with the Chocolate Monster Cookie – chewing the cookie, it brings out the chocolate note of the coffee. The coffee is of medium to low acidity while at the same time it has a medium to bold flavour to it. Pretty much enjoyed this brew – as compared to the more acidic Asia Pacific region coffee.


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