Genting Hotel, SG

Contemplations – Coming into, Going out

A look at what matters to some yet does not matter into others. In the world which we live in, often times the many people around us look at how you carry yourselves to determine your social status.

Coming into

When we first come into this world, we seem to be a pure linen with emptiness and abundance of space to inherit knowledge. As we grow, the social influences surrounding us grows and moulds us to become who we are. That takes up about 1/3 of our lives.

Problems of the rich and poor

With age we become wiser, perhaps learn from our parents and family the ropes of wealth creation or preservation or we could end up on the opposite of the spectrum where we become poorer in mind and physicality. It all depends on our upbringing and social influences that are brought upon us. The society contributes a substantial portion of our learning curve from education and peers. Even from our working life as we progress into the rank and file of the business world.

we could also choose a different path towards entrepreneurship where we decide to experiment and create new solutions or disruptions to the current mode of living and lifestyle. What matters more is not where we come from but where we want to be in the years ahead. This again takes up 1/3 of our lives.

Rich man problem

The problem with the rich stems from not only wealth preservation but how one would like to carry on their lives and how they would like to deal with their estate when they pass on. Where they can work towards creating a will to determine how they wish to execute their assets and estate upon their demise there lies issues with contestation of the will when all is not clearly written. While legal advice at the time of being alive helps resolve the issue, sometimes, even so, can be overwritten when disputed. It shows how vulnerable it is even with a written will when there live the elements of selfish greed. If and unless the will could have been dedicated to not any persons but to a trust perhaps thing maybe different? Something which I would ponder if I were that wealthy.

Poor man problem

On the other hand, if it was a poor soul without much life savings. Would they live a much simpler life? Perhaps, they might have lesser of estate worries. However, their worries will stem from issues about survival and live day by day. During my recent trip to HongKong where I saw the silver tsunami taking its toll on the elderly folks. It keeps me wondering what are the issues the elderly faces when they reach their prime? Some of us maybe still in our late 20s to not yet think about retirement. We could perhaps begin somewhere to make realistic choices and seek opportunities to look beyond self-sustainability. Perhaps, looking into how we could grow our retirement nests and have the medically sustainable coverage against unforeseen medical needs. As the saying goes, with age comes poverty and illness. No doubt that we cannot predict when the medical issues will turn up at our doorstep, but we could adequately protect ourselves as well as build up our emergency funds to weather through the storms.

Healthy living is another key aspect to good well being. These are universal issues that regardless we are rich or poor we will face them at any stages of our lives. And it is very essential to look after it as well. It is never too late to start exercising or join group exercises in the community – sometimes you don’t have to even pay for them.

Going out

The final 1/3 of our life is when we retire and move out of Earth. Given the scenario that we live 60 years. We might just hit the age where we pass on and leave behind money or legacies. What matters more is the scorecard of what we accomplish in life. If you take an overview of life’s cycle – coming in an empty sheet, the middle cycle where we are who we become and at the end of the cycle we submit a score sheet. What we would perhaps notice is how much of life we experience and how much we hope to do better. So why not work on it now before we regret it at a later stage? There is still time to start now than to wait until it’s too late. Life offers us many opportunities, which we need to work for them and leave with no regrets.

I am not a believer of “you only live once”; but one of “live life to the fullest”.


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