Essential Financial Education

As we progress in age, there are many financial considerations that take the toll. From personal expenses to utility bills and retirement planning. Many of which should begin at a young age. While some of us are lucky to have endowment plans bought at the very young age by our parents. However, not everyone will be as lucky. So comes the next question of where do we begin?

While there are many online resources and offline ones as well to engage us in the adult learning. Not every single course is the same. There is this saying “before you invest in others, learn to invest in yourself.” This line remains very true till today. While my journey of investment begins when I was in my early 20s. It was a long and slow learning curve. Even till today, at this moment of writing, I am still learning the art of investing. Why? Because the market is constantly changing. The way towards constant survival is to refine what works for you. Everyone is unique in their own strides.

How it all began?

When I first began investing, I often refer to the books that I could get hold of in the library – books by Kiyosaki was where my journey started. Over time, I moved on to reading up on Precious Metals and the Equities market. And each of these investment vehicles presents itself in different ways of approach to the market. The books which I went read are by Mike Maloney and Tony Robins. While the websites which I referred to are and As for the free online training, I attended can be registered via SIAS and SGX Academy. There are many avenues to learn, and some of them free resources too.

Investing is never a hard and fast get rich quick scheme where you could time the market. You could, however, beat the market if you have a set of parameter which you diligently follow, but bear in mind the geopolitical risks that can turn in favour or against you.

Whats the odd of cutting loss if you had made a loss?

One thing I did to cut loss from the initial investments made was to invest broadly. 10 years ago, I started to invest about SGD$10,000 into Unit Trusts. I lost SGD$1,000 in value after holding it for 2 years. Subsequently, while taking the realised loss, I went into Equities hoping to cut losses and turn a profit. However, the loss deepened further to SGD$2,000. Once again, I sold off to cut loss within 1 year. To make matters worse, I invested into paper gold – Gold SPassbookssbook thinking that the price for entry was low at SGD$50.00 per gram that was bought and sold within a time period of 1 year too. That makes about 4 years of loss making. Subsequently, there was 4 years of investment break since I ain’t sure what I should do next.

Knowledge is Gold

When I got to know about REITs about 2 years ago. I invested SGD$10,000 into Unit Trusts and another SGD$20,000 into Equities – REITs and Blue Chips. This time around, with some financial education from the free courses I attended and more books I read. At the same time, doing some reading up on the equities counters that I bought into. That was where the difference came about – Knowldge.

During the past 2 year of habit changes to investing everything begun to change. With armed knowledge and the consistent dividend payout from the REITs and Equities, the loss GAP narrowed. While the Unit Trusts payouts were reinvested and with periodic buying and selling to take the profits – usually I would hold for close to 1 year before I liquidate. These help to narrow the GAP and yield a 10% return.

Future of Investing

Even with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence for investing which is happening now or in the near future it will again alter the way investing works. And with some of the banks embracing Digital Banking in the new era, we see more self service banking and the gradual demise of banking relationship managers. In replacement, the banking tiers only serve more as a income bracket status than anything else.


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