Diary of Taipei Hotel

Hotel Review: Diary of Taipei, Zhong Hua Section 1, Taiwan (Double Room)

How to get to Diary of Taipei Hotel?

The hotel is located on the 5th floor of No. 152, Section 1, Zhonghua Road. It is visible from Zhonghua Road as well as taking a right turn from Taipei Metro Ximen Station Exit 6. Walk towards 点心道 signage and you should be able to see the lift lobby.

Double Room

Diary of Taipei Hotel
Diary of Taipei Hotel – Double Room

Bathroom & Basic Amenities


The room looks relatively spacious for the one which I stayed during my recent trip to Taipei. Overall the hotel location is strategic and located on the fringe of Ximen Ding with plenty of food alleys and shops nearby. The metro is also within a few minutes walk from the hotel. The hotel does not have an in-house cafeteria, as such, breakfast voucher is issued to all guest who booked the room with breakfast – to be redeemed at the nearby KFC outlet. The wifi did not work during my stay, however, I was able to tap on to the Free Ximen wifi network which is located in the vicinity of Ximen Ding.

For those who enjoy the convenience and a simple bed and breakfast accommodation which is clean and convenient, this is a hotel worthwhile to check out.

Location: 5F, No. 152, Section 1, Zhonghua Road
TaipeiTaipei Municipality
108 Taiwan ROC

Taipei Metro: Ximen Station, Exit 6 – Blue Line and Green Line

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