ORCHID EXTRAVAGANZA (2017) @ Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

Orchid Extravaganza 2017


The month of August is when Singapore celebrates her 52nd Birthday. The Gardens by the Bay celebrates its 5th anniversary this year. And as always, the Orchid Extravaganza is usually scheduled to take place in the month of August. For this year, the theme is the story of the Butterfly. Nonetheless, we as you step in, the floral display theme is one of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly amongst the beds of Orchids and the leftovers of the blue beauties bloom from the previous floral display. This floral is different from the Garden Festival that happens bi-annually. For this year, the main colour scheme is one of bright red, yellow, orange as well as hues of purple. It gives off a very pleasant feeling of tranquillity and some shelter away from the summer heat as you walk into the Flower Dome. The crisp floral freshness brings out what the world of floral can offer us in seeking transformation from within ourselves. Just like how Singapore has transformed herself from a finishing village in the 1800s to the present modern day and beyond. What lies ahead is to harness the spirit of the caterpillar and propel forward towards the spirit of the butterfly.



South American zone

At the sidelines of the main centrepiece of the Flower Showcase, lies this stretch of the cactus zone in the Flower Dome. If you happen to walk past the stretch, you will have noticed some additions to the floral displays. If you are a frequent visitor to the gardens, you might always walk over to this stretch as the main draw will be the centrepiece which is the theme of the floral display.

So happen I went with some friends from overseas and decided to walk over to this zone. I pretty much enjoyed looking at the new Alice in Wonderland theme statues that add some interesting life to the cactus and succulents on display. Do check them out when you enter the Flower Dome too.


Event Title: Orchid Extravaganza
Event Period: Jul 14 – Aug 20, 2017
Venue: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Singapore, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Public Transport: Bayfront – Downtown Line & Circle Line

For ticketing and information on events and exhibitions at Gardens By the Bay, do check out their website.


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