Plant Journey – Q2 2017


Decided to merge 4 different orchids from previous months together into one pot since the latest pot of Orchid has almost completed its bloom cycle.


Herbs – Mint and Basil

A friend of mine passed me some Mint and Basil plants, so this quarter I decided to grow them too. Using the pot which was previously used to house the Orchids, so I planted the Basil and Mint plant both into the same container. They will be separated at a later time when the plants are bigger in size.

Plant story - Q2 2017
Basil and Mint

Plant A Tree – WWF

As part of my birthday plan, I planted my first WWF Plant A Tree on May 22. The tree is named H Diary Gratitude and is planted at Lat: 5.61840563, Lng: 95.40930736.

(The link brings you to the actual plot where the mangrove plant is planted and updated with the growth process for the next 5 years – till 2021.)

At the same time, I have also embarked on the Plant A Forest initiative. Click on the link to know more about this initiative by WWF.


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