Reflections for Singapore – 2017

As the country celebrates her 52 years of nationhood. It is once again a time for reflection on the progress through the years. While this entry has no political agenda or connotation and differs from the usual entries on this blog. I felt a strong urge to post something about this place that I have lived in for the past 31 years which I regard as a HOME for now.

While the first 50 years of nationhood saw the country progress from a third world to first world in terms of live-ability and economic of scale. The past 2 years have been new issues and challenges in the local and global scale happening at a rate never seen before. From the increased unemployment rate to disruptions in the economy from new emerging markets and Aging population. There is many cases of people who are displaced not by choice – work that has been gone due to digital disruption or retirement. There are many internal and external factors that affected the way the country is being governed.

What lies ahead in the coming years will see more changes and some which will be undesirable. But on the separate note, most in the country has become very comfortable with the present situation and has not really look beyond their comfortable zone to strive for improvement in their learning or abilities to improve their knowledge or other aspect of their lives. What is at stake is more that just social economics but the whole ecosystem as the world continue to evolve and change in this digital age.


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