Jurong Bird Park

A trip to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Took a weekend to visit the Jurong Bird Park – perhaps for a one last time before it is due for relocation to the Mandai parks come 2020. The bird park is the oldest animal park in Singapore. Having been opened since 1963. It houses close to 5,000 birds from 200 species.

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park Map

Here is a pictorial tour of the different birds – penguins, lory, hornbills, flamingos and swans. Some are critically endangered while others are in abundance in the park. There are many other birds too, but just too many to capture every species in the park.


There are 2 show areas which showcase 2 shows daily, and a tram that runs around the perimeter of the park with 3 stops. A full walk around the park will take about 2-3 hours depending on the walking speed and time spend with the free roaming birds in the Waterfall Aviary and Lory Lofts.

The Pelican Cove and the Swan Lake offers almost close up look at the Swans and Pelican. The Hornbills and Toucan area is a pretty interesting area to check out some of the endangered bird species. While the Dinosaur Descendents and the Wetlands zones give you a closer view of the avian birds.

The park has a nice blend of other animals too – like the turtle and fishes which can be found both at the River Safari and also at the SEA Aquarium. There is a children’s water play area located near the park entrance too. next to the Breeding and Research Centre as well as the Penguin Cove.

Before leaving the park, do check out the Breeding and Research Centre as well as the Penguin Cove.

Jurong Bird Park Website | Wildlife Reserves Singapore Facebook
Location: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 6 pm
For public transport options or ticketing, please refer to the Jurong Bird Park Website.

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