Drip of Dividends – 10/17

Star Ferry Terminal - Tsim Sha Tsui

Had some deep reflecting on the journey through portfolio balancing and looking back the journey where I began years ago. Though I gain and lost some as well as earn some and exit the market over the years.

What’s OUT?

  • Starbucks
  • Student Transportation
  • MQ Reit
  • Ascott REIT
  • Ascendas H Trust
  • Mapletree Log Trust
  • Raffles Medical

Whats IN?

 Stock Name  Symbol  Qty
Fraser Log & Ind Trust SG: BUOU 100
CIMB S&P Ethical APAC Div ETF SG: P5P 300
HPH Trust SG: P7VU 800
Hattenland SG: PH0 2400
Maybank Berhad
MY: 1155
Genting Berhad
MY: 3182
YTL H REIT MY: 5109 900
Amway MY: 6351 100

*SG – Singapore, MY – Malaysia

Dividends: Genting – RM8.50

What’s next?

I’m now in the not so contemplative mode of the next steps to take on the investment journey. Except to consider if I would want to enter the market on a monthly basis or to look into quarterly buying in. Some of the markets have options like Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) which I could just schedule a buying of a certain counter monthly, while some will be on an as and when basis.

*Note: This article is purely written from a reflective perspective and does not constitute any form of financial advice or stock picking.


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