Drip of Dividends – 11/17

We are now nearing the last month of the year. Just one more month to go and a new cycle begins. 2017 has been a pretty interesting year for me. More on that in the year-end review towards the end of December. I will be doing up a year in review for Drip of Dividend combined with my Portfolio holdings for the year.

Meanwhile, below is the movement of the holdings for the month of Nov 2017. Bought into RAZER (HK:1337) after the HK IPO – had earlier tried with applying for 1,000 units, but was unable to receive any – so had them purchased on the first trading day. There were also a few IPOs in HK market and the SG market.

What’s OUT?

  • CIMB S&P Ethical APAC Div ETF (-300)
  • Maybank (-100)
  • Fraser Log & Ind Trust (-100)
  • HPH Trust (-800)

Whats IN?

  • MRCB Quill REIT
  • Berjaya Corp
  • Healthway Medical
  • Ascendas H Trust
  • Ascott REIT*

Current Portfolio

Stock Name  Symbol  Qty
Healthway Medical SG: 5NG 10,000
Ascott REIT SG: A68U 400
Hatten Land Ltd SG: PH0 2,400
Ascendas H Trust SG: Q1P 400
RAZER HK: 1337 1,000
Genting Berhad MY: 3182 100
Berjaya Corp MY: 3395 200
YTL H REIT MY: 5109 900
MRCB Quill REIT MY: 5123 700
PAV REIT MY: 5212 400
Amway MY: 6351 100


  • MAYBANK RM23.00 (Holdings sold off)
  • Hatten Land S$1.20


This month saw quite a substantial adjustment to market holdings and trying to find the balance to yield and capital appreciation planning for 2019. The portfolio to be built up will be shifting to focus in Asia for 2019. Will be writing about a multi-region investing article in the coming month. Taking a back seat from the USA market, for now. The holdings within Asia will be growing on a monthly basis via the monthly investment plans available to build up in the near term while keeping some liquidity for IPO and future bulk investment in non-MIP counters.

Time flies by very quickly, ever so that sometimes we get swept away by reading daily news updates and keeping abreast of what is happening in the region on Earth that we live in. As much as we try to be in the know, sometimes, events happen before us with little reaction time – this is how the Stock Market unveils itself at times. Unless perhaps when you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to invest you could time your next movement. For now, I am not using any form of AI, so it is pretty much manual work at best.


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