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Changes to H Diary in 2018

Come 2018 the blog will take on a new focus.

The journey to write begun in March 2016, while it took a while to kick start the blog. Over the past two years of experimenting with different genre. The realisation was to write uniquely from a simple perspective.

Thus to elevate the journey, the blog has evolved.

The new themes, a new era – A.I.R.

By categorising the blog into 3 areas, it gives provides a simpler classification into adventures, investments and reflections. The changes will be progressive from now until January 2018. The relevant tags and category will be updated with the new classifications.

New articles will be available via Facebook Page & Tumblr.

Mr H Adventure

The different travels, hotel and food experiences will come under the heading – Adventures. Representing the vast interesting food, people, places and ideas that came by during my adventures. New experiences are also captured via the Instagram – MrHAdventure.

Mr H Invest

This area is dedicated to friends who have always been wanting to step into the world of investing but does not yet know how. I won’t say I’m a very professional investor, I don’t time the market nor speculate about it. I prefer to look at the market from a non-financial perspective. The purpose is to share my experience and experiment. Not every outcome is the same, but it is the experience that makes it better.

Mr H Reflection

This is a rename of the Reflections posts. Nothing else has changed.



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