A simple guide to using Visa gift cards (not issued from Singapore)

It’s the holiday season. Some of us might be in a gifting mood and we may also have receive some cash gift cards from friends or from paid surveys. However, at times to receive them also proves a headache when you have limited ways to exhaust the cash value in it.

There is a few “legal” methods to use these stored value gift cards. I had receive one not too long ago and was having trouble using them in Singapore.

Firstly, it is a digital stored value card, secondly there is no One Time Password (OTP). Thirdly, in the Singapore context, most of the Telco or another online merchants does not accept such cards, unless it is issued locally by Singapore banks.

So while I was using Google and various search methods to find ways to utilise the value. These options came about. These should work as for me, I settled for one of the two. Best of all, you don’t need a OTP – since the cards also don’t have OTP enabled, that soft the issue totally.

1. Amazon Gift Card

One of the simplest methods since you can choose from a min of US$1.00.

2. JetStar Gift Voucher

Jetstar flight vouchers are valid for 6 months and can be purchased from S$25.00 and in other varied denominations. However, it has a very short validity, would suggest that you convert it when you have in mind where to travel to already.

3. PayPal

Shopping online and making payment with the gift cards might be another potential method – provided that the total amount is equal or less than what is available in the debit card wallet. There are many merchants that do accept this method of payment.

There might be other methods available, however, I have not explore them.


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