Popcorn: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Pretty much the latest addition to the sequel trilogy. Being a Star Wars fan myself, the story line answered many questions that was raised quite a while ago.


The story begins with the end of Episode VII – The Force Awakens. While the 2hour 30mins film felt very fast moving with some jokes in-between, it wasn’t the best I have seen of this series.

Though the end credit scene prior to the screen roll features the words “A tribute to a Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher” and where the ending scene saw quite a few extra seconds where the camera focus on the late Carrie Fisher; which I felt was a very good way of a simple tribute to her – adding icing to the finish product.

This film has quite a balance between featuring her and Luke Skywalker – though the majority of it sees Luke Skywalker involved in re-connecting with the force and training Rey. There is the interesting inclusion of a short sequence where we see the “ghost” of Jedi Master Yoda.

Overall, it was quite a seamless continuity yet at the same time engaging except for brief moments where it felt a little too abrupt and boring.

For this episode, I felt that most part of if surrounds the theme “balance”. Hope the upcoming Episode 9 ends on a high note come 2019. It’s gonna be another 2 years till then. Meanwhile, next year will see the Han Solo movie coming out.


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