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2017 – Year in Review (Part 1)

Turning 2018 into A.I.R.

A new year, a new direction. Recalling the first day I took the courage to start writing – March 2016, was also the very months before taking the plunge to begin another phase of the learning journey.

Months before going back to school, I would attend various classes – free and paid ones. Organised by the various financial institutions – SGX, Maybank Kim Eng, SIAS etc. This was where everything began to change. Life never tells you where the journey brings you. Perhaps, you could do a tarot reading to gain some insight or ask a fortune teller to tell you your fortunes. But there is only this much they can reveal to you – to extend forecast into the near future. So this was how March 2016 became the year or changes. In another 3 months, H Diary will turn 2. It marks yet another milestone, like an infant turning to become a toddler or child. Time flies, we grow old, mature and die. The reality is every day is a new beginning and a new experience altogether. Just like every article written on this blog, is put together over time and visiting the various places or experiences adding on memories and feelings. Every single bit of it, with some work of intelligence involved.

Taking a pause to take stock of the past helps to uplift and move one forward. Same for the annual review that I do for myself. I extend it to the blog so that every reader can give their input and feedback how I could improve my writing and presentation – yet retain my personal style of presentation. This just like how a person who is doing his/her Master Degree will following the marking guidance to write their assignment or dissertation for submission. It depends on the creative direction dictated along with the supporting idea and experiences all encapsulated into one.

From “Food” + “Leisure” to Mr H Adventure

Combing the aspects of travel, art and walk in nature. Bring new perspective and experiences. Its a broad theme with limitless possibilities to writing and publishing content. Where sometimes, the focus will be on something fun, enlightening and inspirational.

From “Invests” to Mr H Invest

Took the plunge into writing about my own investing in 2017, and decided it was worthwhile to continue it into 2018.

Also serves to track my choices of investments and to share my personal views of why I chose certain investment over others.

There is much to discover in 2018, part of it being a slight fine tuning of the articles to be written along with new original content – moving from purely a review blog into something fun and thought provoking. Till the second part of the reflections.


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