A boy diary – 2018 wishes

Do you believe in wishes? Maybe yes maybe not. I’m not exactly a fan of wishes, however, I do believe in things going according to how they would flow.

What if whatever we wish could be goals that we achieve?

The above statement is a form of self-realisation to achieve something. It takes away the stress factor from oneself and improves the ability to self-motivate to achieve. Ever thought of that being a reality? By setting a realistic goal and achieving it?

So for 2018, it is about better sleep hygiene and better time maximisation. Notice that I choose the word Time maximisation over time management?

Reason being we may be the master of our life, but external factors could influence the time management indirectly. I recently chanced upon two interesting apps – Sleep Cycle and Life Cycle.

So I decided to experiment it for a week and concluded some interesting insights into my own habits and life. While 2017 ended the journey to self-discovery, 2018 opens up a new page towards better insight. So here are some interesting insights from using the app for a week.

Experience with sleep cycle

Setting the sleep/wake settings

The app offers a paid and free version of the analysis. As shown above, the premium function comes equipped with extra analysis. Though I have tried it for over a week now, it looks pretty good to me.

Analysing the data and trends

The plus side of Sleep Cycle is the integration with the Health Kit which allows a seamless capture of data. At the same time, with the premium version, it captures extra information like sleep notes, back up on the Sleep Cycle server and additional features that give extra analysis – which is good if you feel sleep deprived and would like to look into your own sleepy hygiene or snoring issues.

Integration of Sleep Cycle with Life Cycle

The Life Cycle app is another developed by the same developer as Sleep Cycle. The information collected from the Sleep Cycle is integrated into the Life Cycle map. They can also allow a seamless flow of data between the two apps – where activities influencing sleep are tracked and analysed.

Third-party applications

This app also integrates itself with Runkeeper and Philips Hue – for those who use these two apps, you can find out how to use them via the respective links above.


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