Drip of Dividends – 01/18

An overview of my equities picks for January 2018.

What’s OUT?

  • mm2Asia (-900)
  • Fraser Log & Industrial Trust (-200)
  • Hatten Land (-2,700)
  • HPH Trust (-600)
  • CDL H Trust (-600)
  • ThaiBev (-500)
  • YTL Hospitality REIT (-1,800)

Whats IN?

  • HSBC (+11)
  • Oxley Holdings (+800)
  • Sats Ltd (+100)
  • Ascott Residential Trust (+200)
  • Mapletree Logistic Trust (+200)
  • Starhill REIT (+200)
  • MRCB-Quill REIT (+200)
  • PAV REIT (+100)
  • ESR-REIT (+300)

Current Portfolio

The portfolio will be posted on another page.

Dividends / Bonus Share Issues

  • None


January began with the consolidation of holdings from December and taking profit for some positions. There was a shift in the stock counters for holdings Singapore. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, an increase in diversified REIT holdings and move into financial stocks. For HK, the focus is on automation with the HSBC stocks monthly investment program. Will be adding a few counters throughout 2018-2019, at the same time might try for some IPOs if I see something interesting in SG, MY or HK. Meanwhile, on track to complete my portfolio of about 20 counters across 4 markets by mid-2019.

I am the midst of looking at venturing into USA market in the near term, however, it is unlikely in the first half of 2018, still observing market movements. Also, did some self-reflection and decided upon going back to the original stocks which I had first purchased when I step into the stock market one year ago.

Will have a dedicated page to list my holdings with periodic updates to the holdings instead of monthly updates with stocks purchased. However, buying in and selling out of holdings as well as dividends receive will continue to be updated in the monthly posts along with reflective thoughts for the month.

Note: the individual stock price is not reflected in the portfolio holdings as the pricing goes through daily fluctuations. The purpose of the portfolio is to track holdings and long-term gain. Exact buy-in price and gains may be reflected in future postings.


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