Drip of Dividends – 02/18

February swims by us very quickly and quietly. Towards the beginning of February, there was a minor correction in the market. I decided to realign my Portfolio holdings – resulting in some adjustments to a total shareholding mix of various equities from Malaysia, Singapore Hong Kong and the inclusion of 2 stocks from the USA. The total number of equities now stands at 26.

What’s OUT?

  • Razer (-1,000)
  • ESR REIT (-300)
  • Sats Ltd (-200)
  • Amway (-200)
  • Pavilion REIT (-200)
  • YTL H Trust (-200)
  • MRCB Quill REIT (-200)
  • Maybank (-200)
  • Genting (-200)

What’s IN?

  • mm2 Asia (+1,000)
  • Oxley Holdings (+500)
  • ThaiBev (+300)
  • Capitaland (+200)
  • BreadTalk (+200)
  • Raffles Medical (+200)
  • Sheng Siong (+200)
  • STI ETF (+27)
  • HSBC (+12)
  • Vanguard APAC ex JP ETF (+100)
  • Top Glove (+300)
  • Blackstone (+3)
  • Starbucks (+2)


My current holdings are listed here.

Dividends/Bonus Share Issue

  • Starhill REIT – S$2.34
  • Mapletree Logistic Trust – S$4.17
  • Ascott REIT – S$7.46


Stock market correction is a common sight. This is also the month that I begun my venture into the USA market, and started a with a second market with Monthly Investment Plans.

Over the next few months until 2019, will increase the number of different stocks up to 50 counters. The number may fluctuate depending on market condition – with focus on buying low when the market corrects itself with every fall in pricing, ex-dividend or when there are brokerage discounts promotions to bring down the average cost of each trades.

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