A boy diary – Turning 2 on H Diary

How time flies, 2 years ago today I took the step to begin my blogging journey. I have never looked back since then.

Just like the saying, time wait for no one. When the opportunity comes, we grab on to it before it fades away from us. No one knows for sure what lies ahead of us, but only we ourselves know what is in front of us.

A recent trip over the weekend to Hong Kong brought back interesting memories of the past 2 years, the friendship made along with the people and places I have been to in the past. As I ponder over what the next few years will bring me towards, I take a step back to relook at what I have accomplished so far.

Turning 32 in a couple of months time opens up a new chapter while being 2 months away, the blog turns 2 before I turn 32.

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