Travelogue – Hong Kong SAR (China) : Spring 2018

Took a pretty last minute trip out to Hong Kong over the weekend in March.

Gluten Intolerant Meal on Board Cathay Pacific

Flight from SIN to HKG / HKG to SIN

It has been a long while since boarding Cathy Pacific. The recent flight to Hong Kong, I boarded the almost full flight out from Terminal 4, Changi Airport. While the flight was packed, I was glad to always be served first due to the special meal arrangements.

As compared to the previous Gluten Intolerant Meal served on Singapore Airlines, the food on board Cathay Pacific is much better. While the usual rice cake was a turn-off – due to it being hard and not so palatable, that hasn’t changed. While SQ served Omelette for the flight to HKG the other time, Cathay served turkey breast. Quite a contrast as both flight out was about the same time.

The return trip prepared by the HK in-flight kitchen had some differences in variety altogether. When putting them both next to each other to compare. For SQ as it was an early flight while Cathay it was a late afternoon flight thus the comparison may not be as fair.

Date of Gluten Free Meal on SQ – May 2017, CX – March 2018.

Sha Tin

陳根記 is an outdoor street food style hawker in Hong Kong, which is pretty rare to come by nowadays given the urban renewal and development. During my short stay at Courtyard Marriott Sha Tin, I manage to visit it at Sha Tin, located next to the Wo Che Plaza – Link REIT.

As it was a weekend, the waiting time was extremely long at 1 hour to find seats for 2 and took almost 1 hour to get the food served. Partly due to it being dinner time and that there was a really huge crowd. The visitors are mainly from Mainland China (between 6-7pm) and the younger local crowd (after 7pm). Partly due to the location being near the University nearby.

They serve very local food as well as nice desserts too. There is also a separate queue for food and desserts. While in comparison to the other 2 stores within the area, this hawker has a huge crowd of supporters.

HK Disneyland Carnivale of the Stars

It is an eggciting period in Disneyland HK as they are having the Easter event – ongoing until June 20, 2018.

While the castle is having renovations in the background, there are still interesting places photo opportunities.

Overall Experience

Apart from the above places visited, there was a bit of shopping and attending to family events. To sum up, it was an extreme of events – from happy moments to sad moments such as attending a funeral. Culturally, Hong Kong is not too far off from Singapore – in terms of the Chinese traditions. Moreover, the funeral rites tend to be a bit different. While it is not a topic often discussed, I personally feel the funeral is pretty efficient and well thought out. No doubt that despite land scarcity, there are still land for burial grounds as well as cremation options. The death rite also varies slightly from cultural practices perspective.


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