A boy diary – Beliefs

It’s again the turn of the biological clock to the next chapter. Just like the elections in Malaysia, sometimes like takes on unexpected turns. As it turns out, nothing is so smooth sailing everyday.

Some days we experience it better than other days. As I type this reflective post, I’m getting ready to head out for a project presentation and awaiting an Research Grant award outcome. Nothing in this world comes easy for sure. Turning 32 means many things to me. For one, having this blog still standing here after 2 years is one small step of achievement, and the other hand, cheating pictures of my travel experience and sharing my little exploration in the world of equities is another. These little bits build up a interesting look at life and lessons we could learn from.

While it comes a time for reflection right in the middle of the year, it is also a time to think what lies ahead of me as with age, everything else changes from inside out. 32 is about building financial independence and ability to better manage life and its unexpected surprises. However, not many of us are so well off to have that knowledge as well. On the other hand, what I feel as very important is the constant investment in learning knowledge. As the saying goes, knowledge is wealth. So with less knowledge, there is less of wealth. You can earn a lot but still remain poor if you do not know how to make your wealth work harder for you. Because, we never know when the financial tsunami will hit us.


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