A boy diary – Breakfast habits

There is something I always find very important being part of my daily routine – breakfast.

Recalling some months ago, I started on overnight oats and gradually shifted to a liquid breakfast diet. Then subsequently, I chance upon frozen smoothie mix at the M&S food stores. That got me really up for the frozen fruits game plan. There was quite a variety of frozen fruits conveniently packed into sachets – berries and beetroot, Super berries, carrot and ginger, Super greens and a tropical smoothie. Such many varieties comes in packs of 4 sachets. At a convenient and affordable price point, which got me more excited. So to make up for my hunger satisfaction I mixed them with gluten-free organic rice milk or oat milk. At the same time, added rolled oats and Chia seeds. To increase the satiety – I added a scoop plant protein power. The outcome was a very flavourful and nice blend of the breakfast.

Though I am still far from having them daily, variety is the key to making it a daily habit. Of cause will need to factor in preparation time as well. The good thing about frozen fruits is they are usually frozen upon harvest and keeps the nutrients locked in until you defrost them for consumption. While the downsizing will be time taken for them to defrost and if you are adverse to cold food in the morning, you might need to leave it out there for a bit after defrost and blending them before consumption.

As for satiety, I feel it is decent and good for breakfast.

IMG_3142This is one of the varieties I had – Super Berries.


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