A boy diary – One Tree Planted

To mark the interesting 32 birthday, I made it a goal to do some tree planting. Every year since turning 31, I have embarked on donating trees – which began with the plant a tree program; which I first chanced upon it during the INTO the Wild experience by WWF at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

Over time, I notice that it is a costly donation where each S$33.00 goes to planting only 1 tree. The impact seemed so limited. So then, one day while I was looking at Kickstarter for a brand new air purifier – NATADE by Clairy; it sparked the inner child inside me to rethink what I actually really wanted to do this birthday. And so while I was deciding on the air purifier that allows me to plant a plant into the self-watering pot cum innovative air purifier; I thought about planting more trees through donation. So a simple search on Google brought me to this website – One Tree Planted.

Upon first look, it was quite interesting to note each tree cost about US$1.00 – however, when you go the FAQ it lists down the costs breakdowns. Which was much more helpful to determine where I should send my money for donations. And the variety of locations where I could plan the trees got me excited.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 23.12.22.png

So now that the trees seedlings have been purchased, the next step would be waiting for them to be actually planted. Now that too will determine if the organisation stays true to their promise of planting and updating the donors on the project. To me, it is about integrity and not overpromising and underdelivering which in the case of WWF was not well follow through.



  1. Nice one.
    You can plant trees by growing them yourself. Next autumn pick up them seeds them nuts and plant them outside in selfmate pots from empty drink cartons or plastic yoghurt pots make draining holes in them. You can use soil from molehills or other forest soil. It costs noting but time and effort.
    than next spring you can plant them where you want.

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    1. yes, that is pretty much true. I have a few pots in the office and along the corridor of my home. However, being able to plant it on the ground is something I always wanted to. However, it could be a costly thing when you live in a country with limited land, and you do not get to freely plant trees as you wish.

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    2. Yes, that is a sad thing. Ask the council you live in if they would like some free trees and that you would plant them yourself.
      Good luck and keep on planting trees no matter where.


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