A boy diary – Virtual races (800th post)

This year was the beginning of a leap into Virtual races – running anytime anywhere and uploading the running map. Coincidentally this is also the 800th post.

So I began with the Reebok Be More Human race. It’s pretty cool, as the entry fee per race is an S$9.90/RM29 and it allows you to run at your own pace anywhere and simply just upload the timing later. Of course, it has to be completed within the race qualifying period – usually between a Friday to Sunday.

Screenshot from 42 Race app. 

Each completed race with the running app information/race route uploaded into the designated race event registered will turn the medal from grey scale into coloured.

Reebok race has 3 parts – Warm Up, Speed Up, Level Up. Each month from May to July, a different distance to run takes place. I took up the 10km race – which means I begin with 4km, step up to 8km and end with 10km. It sure sounds simple, but the challenge will be that I have not done any 10km race since the Singapore Marathon in 2012. That could prove a challenge, but let’s see how far I could go. Just like the song from Disney movie Moana – How far I’ll go.

So far, at the time of writing I have completed both the 4km and 8km races, what’s left is the 10km race to be completed at the end of July 2018.

I will also be doing a 10km Jurassic theme virtual race in early July. Till then, perhaps a 10km routing to share after the run.


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