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Drip of Dividends – 06/2018

So the World Cup fever is on as well as the US-China trade issue. Meanwhile, there is also the upcoming rate hikes looming. This causes quite a bit of stir in the market.

Here is a snapshot of my current portfolio standing from Have been testing out this platform for the last few months. It’s a pretty cool AI combination with big data analysis.

Monthly investment plans

  • UOB (SGX: U11)

Decided to commit to another SGD$100 per month plan Monthly investment plan – this time for Singapore stocks. Maybank KE has quite a decent selections of stocks. I wrote about monthly investment plans a year ago. Abit unusual that I only got 2 shares for a $100 trade, though it is not too bad for a start. Took a break from monthly investment plan in the HK market for the month of June.

From the market

For the month of June, added quite a few Singapore stock counters at the pre-set target price.


  • Cromwell European REIT (SGX: CNNU / CSFU)

This is one of the few months which I was shopping around for REITs. So happen to revisit this REIT and notice that there seems to be some price movement and a potential high dividend in the coming year so decided to buy into it and hold. It would be quite interesting to see how the Europe market performs in the coming year. Not too optimistic about gaining dividends but more for capital gain. This counter also has an SGD denominated counter (SGX: CSFU) launched recently for those who refer to trade it in SGD. It is both tradeable between SGD and EUR.

  • Fortune REIT (SGX: F25U / HKEX: 778)

Fortune REIT is a dual-listed REIT (HK and SG). While the malls are mainly listed in HK, I personally find it quite a broad focus REIT with the potential of decent returns.  Bought it some months back and sold it at a slight profit, now re-visiting it and buying it for long-term dividend growth.

Portfolio focus

The focus of the portfolio is one of balance between growth and income. The various stocks, REITs and ETFs are being added monthly to build a 50 item portfolio. The near-term goal will be having them in equal amounts before adjusting by classification of investment products to achieve maximal growth value and income generation.


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