Steamboat Buffet by Chill Gen by Xin Wang

Chill Gen by Xin Wang is a new dining concept by Xin Wang Hk Cafe, located at Cine Leisure – first launched on April 18, 2018.

There is 2 different pricing for the same buffet, dining on weekdays and weekends or PH eve before 5pm is S$18.80, while at other times is S$24.80. There is a total of 4 different soup bases to choose from – Signature Papaya Hot Pot Soup, Korean Army Stew, the classic Homemade Fragrant Spicy Soup and Tomato Soup featured in Chinese Hot Pot restaurants.

As we went in a group of 4, we opted for the Papaya Soup and Tomato Soup. There is also the option of individual pots where you get a whole steamboat pot to yourself. It is not too bad for the price and the restaurant is not that crowded – so it is quite ideal of group gatherings for dinner together and hangout.

The seafood (prawns, shells, squids) served for the steamboat are fresh and pretty generous. There is also the condiments bar where they have many varieties of sauces for you to mix and dip. I personally like sesame sauce and Chili Padi with soy sauce so I had them both in separate bowls.

There is also the special one-serving of items – something like a welcome platter. Soups are available for one time refill as they have a 90minutes limit for the buffet.


If you do not have an appetite for the steamboat buffet, they also have the ala crate food selections – a fusion of some popular items from the regular XW Cafe menu and some new selections for Chill Gen. I would recommend the Satay Polo Bun as it tastes really good.

潮eat代 – Chill Gen by Xin Wang
Cathay Lifestyle – Cineleisure
#02-11, 8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695

Nearest MRT – Somerset MRT (North-South Line)



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