Investing through lessons from the World Cup 2018

As with the World Cup that just concluded – there are actually many takeaways from the matches from the Group Stage up till the Finals. Though, we already know this round the World Cup comes with many surprises – not just from the winning goals, but also the teams that got kicked out came much as a surprise. The final match was between France and Croatia. So which did you anticipate as the winner?

The end result – France won, no doubt that they had came face to face before in past matches and Croatia has also scored one shot into its own net. Effectively it could have been a draw.

In the beginning World Cup – we saw various teams from each country compete against each other in a planned manner. Right from that very moment, the elimination begins right until the finals.

It is quite puzzling at times for myself as I am not an avid Soccer fan to actually watch the World Cup. However, for some reason, this season was pretty interesting as it was the first time I got involved in the game. In a not so expected way – from sports betting.

In fact, Soccer feels pretty much just like the game of investing – it is also a game of probability. When I was looking at the winning odds from the data analysis – it reminded me of the candle and line charts of the 52-week price range of equities. The only difference between stocks and Soccer is how do we predict the winners from the losers.

At the end of each game, a winner emerges heading into the next stage. Yet at the end of the trading day, a new trading day begins. While betting or watching a Soccer game provides the co-relation of watching to see who wins the match or catching up with friends. It feels slightly similar to watching the stock ticker through the trading app for price movements. The only difference is when in the game of soccer you may spend time viewing it for enjoyment, meanwhile, in an investment, you do it for potential long-term gains.

The roadmap to winning will rely very much on what is the long-term investment objective – capital gain, dividends or both. Just like in Soccer the outcome will be who score the first and final goals, the total score and who gets to go into the finals and win the championship. To everyone of us, the end game may not necessarily mean reaching financial freedom, but it could also mean extra income or perhaps goals of a better life or less to worry in time of disease or illness. It is unlike insurance payout which sometimes promises life time income or limited income for a x number of years. If you look at Investing from a parallel to insurance and World Cup, the difference is in terms of the outcomes. Insurance – you may get a payout or money u put aside goes to your love ones. World Cup – a probability game where the end result is unknown till 90 minutes later, but at each turn, the outcome may change with time just like navigating an obstacle course – but clearly anyone can benefit from it.

Till the next season at Qatar in 2022.

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