Singapore Garden Festival 2018

The bi-annual Gardens Festival is back this July to August 2018. Spanning a period of more than 2 weeks, took a stroll last weekend to the site of the festival – at Gardens by the Bay. This year the set up differs slightly from the 2016 edition – the exhibition area is dvided into 4 zones – Flower Dome, Supertree Grove, The Meadow and Marketplace. The paid areas cover a small section this year. As with previous years, entrance to the Garden Festival is included with the purchase of the Garden Festival tickets include admission to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

In terms of displays, the previous category of small world plants is not shown in this edition. The other elements were pretty much the same except for an expanded edible gardens segment. The marketplace is also worth checking out – though also a smaller and more compact scale – located near the Bayfront MRT exit facing the dragonfly lake.

Entering from the supertree grove zone brings you through the lost forest.

Passing through the lost forest and you will enter the exhibition zones proper. Where you will get to visit the community garden and the secret garden of edibles.

As you move along from the Supertree Grove to the Meadows. You will walk towards the Fantasy Gardens where huge array of various fantasy landscaped gardens welcome you.

After checking out the outdoor display, you will next see the Garden Fest Mascot on display with the genomes near the Meadows as part of the Floral Field display. As you move through the ramp, these cute little garden genome and art pieces welcome you.

Some of the displays at Floral Window to the World

The annual Orchid Extravaganza floral display at the Flower Dome will be covered in another entry to follow, it runs from July 13 – Aug 22, 2018.

Overall impression

This edition pales in comparison to the 2016 edition, it feels as if it is a cluttering mess without proper demarcation of the zones clearly and can get pretty confusing without a proper thematic feel. Despite having the Celtic gates, the entire display zones looks and feels more like a temporary exhibition space built into the park.

Event Details – Singapore Garden Festival 2018

Period: July 21 – August 3, 2018



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