Travelogue – Hong Kong SAR : Summer (2018)

Visiting Hong Kong once again within a 3 months period is not something too difficult neither is it a very challenging task. Moreover, having been always traveling to Hong Kong though for different purpose does prove to be a challenging task at hand. It is not always that fruitful a trip to the Pearl of Orient. Somedays, having a visiting agenda do serves a gd purpose while at other times that may not be the case.

As much as I do enjoy the frequent visits, sometimes there are other reasons like visiting friends or family members that make the trip a must do or a worthwhile trip. This round it was a 5 days trip with some exploration of the Cheung Chau (an outlying islands about 10km away from Hong Kong island) and Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre that made the trip a much enjoying one. There is also the exploration of Kowloon East neighbourhood and Shan Shui Po that made it a little bit more of a local feel.

I can say it was a happy trip, but also one that left behind a few questions unanswered. It is a challenge to decide if the future trips will continue on a regular basis to meet someone new and develop a relationship or it fades away only to become a friendship bonding instead. That is on the front of a Personal trip to Hong Kong for this year, while previous trips serve other purposes such as checking out reputable HK companies to be invested in. More on the investing aspect in the coming months when the “Investing in” series gets published.

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