Drip of Dividends (Equities) – 07/2018

The World Cup ended its run in mid of July. The winning country was France. Meanwhile, the trade war between the USA and the other parts of the World continues – Mainly big economies in countries like China and European nations.

Here is a snapshot of my current portfolio standing from SimplyWall.st.

Monthly investment plans

  • ICBC H-Shares (HKEX: 1398)
    One of the few Chinese government-owned banks from China, it has quite a wide presence globally. The current yield stands at 5% per annum, the per share price is also quite affordable at HK$5.00 per share.
  • Jardine Matheson Holdings (SGX: J36)
    Added my 2nd SGX listed stock through the Maybank Kim Eng Monthly investment plan. Somehow, it seems to me it is good to average out in small months in monthly investing.  While Jardine’s stocks are generally on the high side, each lot of 100 can easily cost up to US$63.50 x 100 shares = US$6350.00.

From the market

For the month of July, did some minor adjustments to the portfolio in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong from the brokerage account.

  • Hektar REIT (KL: 5121)
    Hektar REIT is a retail REIT that mainly invests mainly in retail spaces of well-established shopping centres in various states on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Considering the locations of the malls are in big suburban towns with huge growth potential, this is one of the reasons for buying into this REIT for the long-term retail exposure gains. Also, as a way to diversify the overall REIT portfolio in the long term geographically.
  • YTL H REIT (KL: 5109)
    Still an old favourite, and every since the last exit in March 2018. Decided to re-venture into YTL H Trust after an exit earlier this year. The portfolio consists of mainly Marriott properties and Vistana hotels within Malaysia and some interesting hotels in Asia. Current NAV is RM 1.485.
  • Berjaya Corp (KL: 3395)
    Added as they had recently teamed up with RAZER to launch Razer Pay in Malaysia. Got a good feeling about the potential growth in Malaysia. BJ Corp has been trading relatively low in comparison to its subsidiary – RM0.30 to RM0.305.
  • RAZER (HK: 1337)
    Was torn between trying XiaoMi or buying into RAZER again since the launch of RAZER Pay eWallet in Malaysia – which I see as a bigger market than Singapore. Concurrently, there is quite a fair bit of development in the gaming area with the Singtel MOU and UOB partnership with Razer which on both ends will propel into a bigger roll out of the Razer Pay within the region – Singapore and Thailand likely the next markets to launch Razer Pay.
  • Vanguard China Index Fund (HK:3169)
    One of the rare few listed stocks on HKEX that pays dividends in RMB. Using it as a way to diversify my foreign currency holdings near term since RMB is trading on the Low end of the band, for now, correspondingly the ETF which is less than 3 months ago is also trading below HK$10 – lower than its launch price.
  • Oxley Holdings (SGX: 5UX) / Oxley MTN b5.15% 200518 (SGX: BTNZ)
    Entered into both equities and bonds for Oxley Holdings. This is darling with huge growth potential. Sold it after share splits stocks were credited and decide to re-enter again as the recent property cooling measures have sent this stock diving. Another reason is the new property launches within Singapore and it being one of the developers will a decent bulk of Landbank for future properties development within Singapore.
  • mm2Asia (SGX: 1B0)
    This is a love and hate relationship with this stock counter. Every time I buy in and the price slides, and I end up letting go at a loss. This round, I am keeping it long term for the next catalyst for growth potential. Since its foray into the Singapore cinema scene, there seems to be some room for growth in the branding.

Portfolio focus

The long-term focus will be on capital gain and income from various economies across Asia and a basket of global index funds. Current portfolio is geared more towards Asia.

Current Equities exposure (Currency)

SGD – 30.35%
USD – 2.6%
MYR – 15.33%
HKD – 51.73%


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