Drip of Dividends (Bonds) – 07/2018

From this month, will have a separate list of portfolio holdings for bonds.

Why the sudden bond investing?

I have always believed in creating passive income through various avenues. Not just from stocks alone. Thus, creating a parallel line of income and asset diversification is the key to the long-term growth factor. Bonds take up less than 10% of the total portfolio. Moreover, it allows for flexible liquidity and long-term income. While it might not be as good as keeping cash – due to the potential loss of initial investment should scenarios like company bankruptcy or insolvency occurs, but it does guarantee that you will be first to be paid if the company you lend to goes into the trouble with debtors.

Whats in?

  • Oxley Holdings (SGX: 5UX) / Oxley MTN b5.15% 200518 (SGX: BTNZ)
    Entered into both equities and bonds for Oxley Holdings. This is darling with huge growth potential. Sold it after share splits stocks were credited and decide to re-enter again as the recent property cooling measures have sent this stock diving. Another reason is the new property launches within Singapore and it being one of the developers will a decent bulk of Landbank for future properties development within Singapore.

Portfolio focus for Bonds

The bonds portfolio will follow closely to the markets invested in for the Equities. Except that since most of the bonds in the market are found mainly in the OTC counters or belong to the uber-rich class entry-level or require you to be an accredited investor – I decided to go with the simple approach of ETFs.

Current Bonds exposure (Currency)

USD – 28.90%
SGD – 71.10%
MYR – 0%
HKD – 0%


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