Why is it important to FOCUS when investing?

This is one of the days where I let my mind wander while having coffee.

There are different school of thoughts when it comes to investing – value investing, Long-term investing, short-term investing, trading, buy Low sell high and the list goes on and on.

There can be many gurus each hoping to reach you a skill or two. But what matters most is what you want and your risk appetite.


No matter how good a guru is, there is only this much they can share with you. They are not your brain, they cannot think for you. What they gain and teach is their experience, all you receive is a condensed formula of experiences. Just like a cup of kopi-o (Asian version of Long black), the coffee grounds are roasted with butter before being grind into power and boil with hot piping water into the brew you see.

So when I mention to focus, what I mean is 1) know what is your risk appetite; 2) know what you want – Long term Or short term – in terms of the saving or investment goal; 3) follow your heart and you will know which will be your best financial guide.


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