Food: Guilt-free desserts at Duxton 41, Singapore

Nestled along Duxton Road is a small cosy dessert and coffee place call Duxton 41. It serves interesting guilt-free desserts and nice coffee and teas. A good reason to pop by on a weekend for a quick coffee fix after workout or lunch.


An interesting feature of the caf is the hanging Thai silk from the air well. Which brings about a homely feeling as you step into the cafe. It felt like walking into a library, but instead of books filling the walls, it is an interesting sanctuary filled with an interesting wall of black square tiles that resembles bookshelves.

Went back for a few visits back in Sep and Oct and tried some of the deserts and drinks there. Here are some of the notable favourites which I have tried during the few visits. The cafe also serves wines for those who enjoy a pairing of cakes with wine. The best of all, the bakes are all customised for a guilt-free desserts experience.

(Top – Clockwise – Sugar-free soft serve (Matcha), Sugar-free soft serve (Chocolate), Cafe Latte, Blueberry Cheesecake White Hot Chocolate, Guilt-free mini loaf)

Food items are subject to daily availability.

Duxton 41
41 Duxton Road, Singapore 089505

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