After the rain…

It’s raining out there. Here I am gathering my own thoughts.

What makes of the rain, I cannot be sure. What makes of the sun after the rain remains a mystery. That is life to me, every page and every day unfolds a new adventure. It’s rare I post such entries reflecting upon life, reflecting upon the 5 senses through a short weekend adventure. What does being at over 30 means to everyone of us?

New musings, new challenges or new adventures? Well, no body knows for sure except for ourselves. Each path we take leads us on a new adventure. Each person that cross path with us, leads us towards new beginnings. Where does your adventure lead you?

For me, this is my journey, my life, my sharing of the many adventures I take. But that’s is just one part of my life. Life is more than just eat, sleep and repeat. More than just “you only live once”.


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