Food: TIP, The Ice-cream Project (Johore Bahru, Malaysia)

Recalling back in 2016, I made my first visit to TIP with some friends for a weekend of cafe hopping at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Much has changed over the years, from a single shop lot to an expanded capacity – with the takeover of the neighbouring unit – which use to be a fanciful coffee cafe.

My recent trip for a staycation in Johor Bahru brought me back to the places I used to visit some years back. TIP was one of these places. The set up feels familiar – in terms of the “clean yourself up” practice for returning your own utensils and throw away trash. Apart from that, the shop offers the same set of fresh nitrogen ice cream, as well as the factory, made ice cream.

The freshly made ice cream begins at RM16 for a small 120g cup. Pretty much a slight price increase (it was RM14 back in 2016) after inflation from 3 years ago. In terms of sitting capacity, it has increased for sure. The old unit next door now seems like a backup space for spillover during times of busy crowds. Their opening hours begins at 1pm and ends late at 10pm or 12midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. While the same neighbourhood has also seen some rapid changes with the sight of container salons and massage places as well as the sight of some new cafe and thrift shop.

Nitrogen Ice-Cream
The selling point of TIP ice creams is the use of liquid nitrogen to make the fresh ice creams. While it typically takes 8 hours to turn normal ice cream mix into ice cream using the freezer, it is almost instantaneous when you mix the fresh cream with liquid nitrogen via a whisking machine.

That being said, I had a recent first-hand experience mixing fresh cream with liquid nitrogen by hand. It was indeed quite an interesting experience, but very tiring to whisk the fresh cream with liquid nitrogen.

While liquid nitrogen needs to be maintained at an extremely cold temperature (between the temperatures of -210°C and -196°C), it freezes and becomes a solid when the temperature is above -210°C. Hence with a sudden increase in the warming temperature, it will cause anything that comes into contact with liquid nitrogen to turn from a liquid into the solid state almost immediately. An example will be, if liquid nitrogen actually touches your skin, it will cause severe frostbite in a fraction of a second.

Personal Verdict

The price is on the steep side for ice cream considering the standard of living in Malaysia. On the other hand, it seems the location is at an old district coupled with the recent rejuvenation of the Johor river and its vicinity does add new flavours to this area. It would be worth a visit if you are craving some Instagram worthy locations for photos and to try this ice cream once.

TIP, The Ice-cream Project
31 Jalan Dhoby
80000 Johor Bahru

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