Investing Portfolio – 2019 Q1

Time flies, 3 months of 2019 has just swept by. In the past 3 months, did quite some changes to my portfolio. Changed some investing strategy as a result. Here are my current holdings from the various markets.

With the new changes, we see the majority of the holdings are for foreign shares and some holdings in cash.

Malaysia Holdings
Malaysia market seems pretty shaky at the moment. The current political uncertainty provides some stocks for cherry picking. Decided to re-venture into the ETFs – KL Composite Index, ASEAN 40 ETF; and will add on some REITs which I have purchase previously in the coming months.

Hong Kong Holdings
Started on the Monthly Investment plans via HK HSBC. Should be focusing on 4 stocks – Tencent, HSBC, MSCI China ETF and HK Tracker Fund for the time being. Took some profits from previous stock purchases as I work to streamline my portfolio holdings.

Singapore Holdings
At the moment, only bought into the STI ETF. Received a dividend of S$5.60 from STI ETF. The previously bought REITs were sold off due to change of strategy to invest more overseas.

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