Travelogue – Hong Kong SAR (2019)

Took a long trip in early Jan 2019 to visit HongKong. Here are some places which I have discovered during my short 5 days in HK. Some of the food places have good nostalgia food while other locations are quite Instagram worthy.

While most of the sights remains the same with every visit to Hong Kong, I did spend a day or two exploring places I have not yet been to. Hong Kong for me is about exploring local culture and food. Hence, this short trip become a food trip.

Note worthy Local Food places

祥香茶餐廳 – Cheung Heung Tea Restaurant

西環堅尼地城卑路乍街107號 (港鐵堅尼地城站 B 出口, 步行約3分鐘)
107 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, Western District (Kennedy Town MTR Exit B, 3 minutes walk)

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The food sold in this restaurant feels very traditional and local at the same time. The meals are available in set and a la carte. Quite affordable food in comparison to other more touristy parts of Hong Kong.

澳洲牛奶公司 – Australia Dairy Company

佐敦白加士街47-49號地下 (港鐵佐敦站 C2 出口, 步行約2分鐘)
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan (Jordan MTR Exit C2, 2 minutes walk)

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White being known for their mannerism, Australia Dairy Company still serves decent food. The mainstay for them is the steam milk pudding. They offer set meals like the macaroni and toast with egg and ham set. Good to check out their Egg custard stewed in Chinese style and Egg white and milk custard stewed Chinese style.

棋哥燒鵝餐室 – Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant 銅鑼灣渣甸街45號人人商業大廈地下 (港鐵銅鑼灣站 F1 出口, 步行約2分鐘) G/F, Man Man Building, 45 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay (Causeway Bay MTR Exit F1, 2 minutes walk)

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While roasted goose can be found in many of the tea houses, it is not too common to find roasted goose with lychee wood. Happen to check out Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant while shopping at Causeway Bay. This is worth checking out, however, do note that it can get quite crowded during lunch hours.

PdP Pies & Tarts
灣仔皇后大道東200號利東街地下G06及 F06A號舖
Shop G06 & F06A, G/F, Lee Tung Avenue, Wan Chai (4-min walk from Exit B2, Wan Chai MTR Station)

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PdP pies and tarts not quite a local HK Brand, it feels rather Japanese. However their fruit tarts are quite freshly made and taste good. Worth checking it out at Lee Tung Avenue if you are dropping by for some nice Instagram worthy photos along the pedestrian street.

Instagram worthy spots

Kennedy Town
This is located on the far end of the Island line. There are many housing around this area and it is near the end of the Kennedy Town terminus for the HK tramway. Walk along the scenic promenade from the Kennedy Town Terminus towards the residential zone and you can find many cool places by the sea to take scenic shots or pause and hear the sea waves sing.

Lee Tung Street
As mentioned earlier, Lee Tung Street is a pedestrian walk. It use to be a street where the locals will visit to shop for wedding cards printing shops. Gone are the days, and replaced with a shopping and residential complex. This is located near the Swatow Street tramway stop as well as the Wan Chai MTR.

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