Travelogue – Taipei & KaoHsiung, Taiwan (2019)

Took a short week long trip to Taiwan. My second time traveling on a multi-stop multi-airport itinerary. It was a great experience flying in from one airport and out from another.

Night market

  • Ningxia Night market 寧夏夜市 (Taipei)

Ningxia Night market is one of a few slightly more local Night market around Taipei. It can get really crowded from 8 – 10pm every evening. The best time to go would be between 6 – 8pm or after 10pm if you are just looking for night snacks, do not though some shops might have already begin to close for the day.

  • RuiFeng Night market 瑞豐夜市 (KaoHsiung)

Located within the vicinity of RuiFeng Night Market is the KaoHsiung Arena (refer to clock tower). RuiFeng market brings back a more localised feel compared to the more commercial sister night markets around most of Taipei and some parts of KaoHsiung. It is still my favourite compared to the other few which I visited.

Hot Spring

  • Huang Chi 皇池一號館 (Taipei)

It seems there is 3 outlets along the mountain area for Huang Chi Hot Spring. The first outlet is labelled as such on their entrance. There are many hot springs in Taiwan, within Taipei, there is also a handful of locations. The one which I would usually visit during the Taipei trips will be Huang Chi.

Instagram Worthy Spots

Taipei 101 Tower
A simple method to go visit this building is to visit the Taipei 101 Starbucks. However, booking for the Starbucks visit is limited to 90 minutes and you reservations is only accepted within 1 week of planned visit.

MAJI Square (Taipei)
Located within walking distance from Yuanshan Taipei Metro station, MAJI square serves up exquisite local experience. Along with its proximity to the SongShan Airport, you can easily do some flight watching while dining in the restaurant and food hall. Also, there is a nice open space within the arena which is also open to the public. This location use to be a former floral show venue. It can get quite crowded on weekends, when they have organised performances and arts events.

HuaShan cultural district 華山文藝區 (Taipei)
This use to be a Warehouse area that got converted into a arts and cultural district. There is also a arts cinema within the vicinity showing art films.

MaoKong 貓空 (Taipei)
If you are thinking of sightseeing, this is not really a place to go. However, it is a lovely location for sunrise or sunset as well as for evening stroll or afternoon tea. However, during my visit I went around mid day and since it was close to lunch time, it did not feel like a good time to stay for tea.

XiZiWan 西子灣 (KaoHsiung)
A great place to check out the sunset in KaoHsiung.

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