Investing – Nov 2019

With mixed signals from Trumps impeachment and the trade war coupled with tensions in HongKong much is to be seen how 2019 will end.

Meanwhile for this month; I came to a realisation about focus on generating income. I Guess that’s the best strategy going forward for me. As such, the portfolios moving forward will see more REITs, ETFs and companies that I see having sustainable growth factors. However, it also means I need to do my own due diligence to check on them.

The list will be updated monthly as usual. There will be more diversity in the types of REITs considering the current and foresee able disruption to technology and all.

  • Current portfolio (30 Nov 2019)
    • CSOP China Bond ETF (20)
    • MRCB Quill REIT (200)
    • YTL REIT (200)
    • HEKTAR REIT (200)
    • Pavilion REIT (100)
    • Sunway REIT (100)
    • Frasers H Trust (200)
    • Starhill REIT (100)

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