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Prior to establishing the current blog in April 2016, I took a 3-year hiatus from blogging. During the short break away from blogging, I came to realise my love to share what I see of the world around me, and hence decided to start my writing again.

The inspiration comes from the interest to look into culture and heritage. The articles crafted in this blog will feature various themes from the edible to the non-edible content for both the eyes and the mind. The aim is to provide a different perspective towards living, understanding and appreciating the little things around us.

The blog is also a repository of the past written posts from my previous 2 blogs prior to 2016 when H Diary SG Blog was launched. The word SG at the back draws back to my origins from where I was born – Singapore.

The blog also serves as a platform for me to further enhance my writing skills and gain exposure to the society at large. Concurrently, I hope that my writing can reach out to serve a wide variety of audiences globally whom embraces inclusiveness, culture and diversity.

The Intangibles

As you will have noticed, the blog has some paid advertisements run through WordsAds by WordPress. These are featured to supplement the running of the blog, though I did it as a hobby and as an alternative method for me to continue my learning and sharing.

Update: Feb 3, 2019

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